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Client’s Voice

“Over the past 22 years, we have worked with several contact centre solution providers, including global players. Especially with the latter, the support leaves a lot to be desired: expensive hourly rates, eternally long response times and, in case of need, you are left out in the rain. So far, we have only had good experiences with SoftBCom. The Omnichannel solution and the Service Desk ticket system are very stable, the support is competent and fast.

Thank you for that!”
Jörn Schmidt

Our products

Contact Center Software
  • Omnichannel
  • Inbound / Outbound / Blended
  • Voice and digital (incl. WhatsApp)
  • Call Recording
  • PBX + ACD
  • Statistic, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Uniform contact history of all communication channels
  • Agent Scripting
  • Quality Management
  • Video Communication
  • WhatsApp Business
Noda Contact Center
  • Complex enquiries requiring expert support can be serviced in real time
  • An advanced call centre and ticketing interface - no switching between screens
  • All possible channels of communication with clients and within the team, digital and voice
  • United contact history
  • Quality control
  • Cost reduction through saving agent’s time, saving time on training, eliminating multiple interfaces
  • Up to 24/7 technical support
All-in-one Contact Center and Ticketing System
  • Move agents securely to/from home office
  • Thin Client: no programming, no IT management of employees' computers
  • Company database is copy-protected
  • Ideal for distributed teams
  • Fast to implement, easy to use
Secure Work from Home Office over Thin Client
  • Provision of full and relevant customer information
  • Overview of the entire communication history with a customer prior to a call or letter
  • Single screen, where a call can be made, or a message composed
  • Semi-automated list calls
  • Selection of a specific person in the company for the next contact
  • Outbound call lists
  • Fast switching between campaigns
  • Automatic maintenance of a customer communication log
Managed Outbound
  • Video during phone call: when a live feed is worth a thousand words
  • Insurance case quick assessment
  • Help desk live support
  • Client identification for car sharing and rent
  • E-commerce consultations
  • Kiosks in retail for immediate support
No additional apps installation necessary:
  • WebRTC
  • For iOS- and Android-powered Smartphones
  • Integrated with SoftBCom Contact Center, but also suitable for any other contact center system
Video Channel
Service Desk
  • Ticketing
  • Dashboards
  • Process automation
  • Processing of voice and digital requests
  • Uniform request protocol
  • Online analysis
  • Reporting
  • IT process management using Big Data and machine learning
  • Classic IT management and service support (ITIL, Service Desk)
  • Everything as a service (HR processes, security, etc.)
  • Project and task management
  • Process automation based on historical data with machine learning
  • Ticketing and multi-level service processes for contact centres
Service Desk
AI and Automation
1st step.Introduce neural network. Classification quality increases to 85% for 10-15 categories.
2nd step.Automate processing with the help of the ticketing system
3rd step. Add machine learning
4th step. Introduce text bots: achieve the accuracy of 90-95% for 10-20 categories.
  • Customers write in a natural language
  • You do not need to repeat the requests
  • The call is immediately transferred to the exact expert who can best help
  • Automatic and semi-automatic responses to customers
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Quality control
AI: Classification of E-mails
1st step.Start with keyword recognition: achieve 80% recognition of the query topic for 10 categories.
2nd step.Add machine learning and natural language recognition.
3rd step.Introduce speech bots. You can reach 85-95% accuracy in 15-20 categories at this stage.
  • Customers will speak in a natural language
  • You do not need to wait or repeat requests
  • The call is immediately transferred to the exact expert who can best help
  • Convenient platforms to set up workflows and create bots
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Quality control
AI: Classification of Voice Requests
Workforce Management
  • High planning accuracy
  • Biometrics
  • Intuitive and understandable web interface
  • Taking employee’s preferences into account
  • Mobile application and access from any device
  • Methodological and factual understanding of WFM
  • Time saving for management
  • Preconfigured professional WFM solution for call centers
  • Quick start: seamless transition, easy onboarding, intuitive operation, no time wasted
  • Help with transfer of your existing schedule
  • All necessary functions immediately available
  • Highly configurable
  • No investment required
  • Free for 6 months!
Digital Channels
  • Any digital channel possible: email, SMS, chat from site, mobile App chats, messenger, Facebook comments, fax, etc
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Different channel priorities can be assigned
  • Unified contact history over all channels
  • Scripting
  • Reporting
  • Quality assurance

WhatsApp Business, Chats, Facebook, Mobile Apps

Our Services

  • Support is provided by the same experts who implement the solutions for the clients
  • Communication with customers both during solution implementation phase and during the support period is mostly done via the service desk system with pre-specified SL
  • Standard response time is 2 hours in business hours
  • 24-7 technical support available
  • All our clients are privileged and no request is left without attention
  • Support of ongoing projects has a higher priority than stating new projects
  • In many ways, our work with clients is similar to that of doctors. We plan everything meticulously beforehand, but still we remain alert for surprises and urgent problems
VIP customer service for all requirements and requests
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