Major Functions of SCC

Unified Agent Desktop
The basic desktop of every SoftBCom Contact Center agent:
  • No more switching between screens
  • All the necessary information about the caller, reference data, as well as automation elements and controls available at a glance
  • Data from any external data sources (billing, CRM, service desk, etc.) can be uploaded
  • Unified history log for all interactions across all channels
  • Bilateral interactions with external systems
  • Synchronous/asynchronous interactions with external systems
  • AHT (Average Handling Time) is greatly reduced
  • Quality of service increases while customers receive personalized attention
  • Centralized access management
The softphone is a multichannel IP phone for easy answering, handling and forwarding of phone calls.
  • External systems can be integrated
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Unified Agent Desktop is pre-integrated
Webphone acts the same way as the softphone, only it is a web application:
  • Requires no installation
  • Supports omnichannel mode
  • Supports Unified Agent Desktop
  • Voice (Phone, Webcall, Videochannel)
  • Digital (email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat from site, mobile App chats, messenger, Facebook comments, fax, etc.)
  • Different channel priorities can be assigned
  • Unified contact history over all channels
  • Own ACD (Automatic Call Distribution).
  • Own IP-PBX
  • Comprehensive call management
  • Forwarding: customers and their data get transferred to the right contact person or expert
  • MS Teams integration available
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • Smart routing based on data from external systems
  • Agents can be assigned to multiple projects
  • Flexible logic
  • Integrated drag-and-drop visual IVR script builder
  • Integrated statistic collection and reports
  • DTMF support
  • Wide integration possibilities (including speech and text analysis)
Noda Server
  • Stand alone / Cluster / HA Cluster / Geo Cluster
  • Secure and scalable
  • Geographic distribution
  • Up to 5000 concurrent agents
Call Recording
  • 2-channel or 1-channel
  • PCI-DSS Standards supported
  • Agent scripts for all channels
  • All important information automatically uploaded to the agents' desktop
  • Time-saving: agents no longer have to spend time on research
  • Agents input the info into the forms while they communicate
  • Text templates for conversation, return e-mail and SMS
  • Built-in knowledge database
  • Visual drag and drop tool for script building
Outbound Campaigns
  • Customizable call logic for all types of campaigns: progressive, predictive, managed outbound, automatic
  • Outbound IVR
  • Call frequencies and schedule by time zone, priority, number of attempts, etc.
  • Graphic interface: No coding
  • Managed Outbound for sales profis
Statistik, Monitoring und Reporting
  • Comprehensive statistics:on calls; on customer behavior during the IVR phase; on agent‘s actions; on customer inquiries
  • 50+ integrated pre-configured reports
  • Custom reports set-up possible
  • BI integration possible
  • All detailed data at your disposal
  • Live Monitoring
Quality Management-1
  • Set personalized project standards according to your KPIs
  • Automatically evaluate all calls
  • Perform a manual evaluation of pre-selected calls
  • A wide range of interfaces for integrating with external systems: Salesforce, Tableau, Power BI, Audiocodes, MS Teams, Active Directory, SoftBCom ITSM and SoftBCom WFM among the others
  • All-in-one SoftBCom Contact Center and SoftBCom ITSM solution for multi-step processes
  • Integration with AI systems for distribution of digital and voice inquiries is possible
  • Any custom integration you need on request

Cloud vs. On‑Premise

SoftBCom Contact Center offers both variants.

Advantages of Cloud

  • No costs for complex technical equipment
  • No installation / support / amortization costs for equipment
  • Easy to test and start
  • Simple upscaling and downscaling

Advantages of On‑Prеmise

  • Full control over all sensitive information
  • Your project is customized to your business needs
  • Everything is on the LAN, no remote connection of the agent's workstations to the server:no bandwidth issues no remote connection reliability problem (existent even with dedicated connections) no remote connection expenses no remote connection security issues
Cloud and On-Premise models may be combined in the same project.

License model vs. Pay‑Per‑Use model


Advantages of License

  • You buy the license and you own it
  • 20% yearly support fee
  • Upgrades for free

Advantages of Pay-Per-Use

  • No capital expenditure: Pay as you go with operational expenses
  • Easy scale up and down
  • Costs are calculated monthly as the maximum daily number of concurrent users
With SoftBCom Contact Center, you can combine this two models in one installation.

Industry-specific solutions

SoftBCom Contact Center offers customized solutions for outsourced and in-house contact centers used in wide range of industries. It can be further evolved to meet your needs, helping you to optimize your work processes and improve customer service.

Our implementation cases include call centers, retail, insurance, banking, telecommunication companies, IT service providers, service companies and so on.