All-in-one Contact Center and Ticket System Solution

Imagine that your contact center is able to outsource more complex processes with a high service level:


Some of our customers have already implemented this with SoftBCom's all-in-one solution.

The complete solution from SoftBCom means:

  • Real-time processing of complex requests that require the involvement of several different experts

  • A single and uniform interface for the extended call center and ticketing system - no more window changes

  • All channels of communication with customers and between experts within the team: digital and linguistic

  • A standardized request protocol

  • Quality controls

  • Reduce costs by saving agents' time, training and eliminating heterogeneous interfaces

  • High data protection standards

  • High-quality support (up to 24/7)

Handling complex processes
more customers for your business

Why is it important to outsource complex processes?

The basis of modern contact centers is the outsourcing of customer communication. But this is only the first step in outsourcing business processes.

Contact centers can be the core around which outsourcing of any complexity is consolidated - but you have to be good at handling multi-level processes.


Characteristics of outsourcing:

  • A growing market;

  • Whether secretarial services, back office or maintenance - in some situations, companies do not need to hire and train their own staff;

  • Until recently, contact centers could only claim to outsource fairly simple one-step processes, such as telemarketing or receiving service requests;

  • Multi-stage processes have always been a challenge for contact centers.


It is difficult for contact centers to perform delayed actions, such as obtaining a hotel booking confirmation and notifying the customer, having a loan authorized by several experts or clarifying a problematic delivery.

What are the challenges of integrating multiple systems?

  • They must work together harmoniously.

  • They need to interact seamlessly within a single process.

  • Sometimes it is necessary to call in experts several times and contact the customer to solve a problem.

  • Working with the tickets should be convenient for the expert.

  • Customers need to be contacted via voice or digital channels that suit them, at a convenient time, without having to wait for a connection.

  • Repeated data queries and entries must be avoided.

  • The process must comply with defined standards.

  • Quality must be controlled.

  • The response time requirements must be met.

SoftBCom's solution not only enables the exchange of information between the two systems and the establishment of a smooth process, but also a common interface - which is an unattainable goal for many other systems.

How does it work?

The agent accepts the request. Can he or she solve this request immediately? If yes, then great. If not, he or she creates a ticket. The ticket is processed according to the defined business processes, the feedback to the customer is scheduled for the selected channel and carried out automatically.

Which business processes can be implemented effectively?
  • Fulfilling requests received by customer service from retail suppliers or service companies

  • Emergency services

  • Secretarial services

  • and much more

All these services can be combined in one contact center without having to increase the number of agents.

Which tasks are performed by a complete solution?
  • Management of request distribution processes

  • Competence management

  • Access management

  • Automatic setup of IVR and organization of agents' workspaces

What is being implemented?
  • Creation of comprehensive reports, including ready-made standard reports

  • Analysis of contact center activities according to common metrics

  • Quality control

  • Control over the scope of services provided

What is being organized?
  • Processing of customer inquiries in a uniform interface; these inquiries can be received in the contact center via various channels (voice or text)

  • Working with tickets in the helpdesk system

What else is possible?
  • Integration with the previously used management system for multi-stage processes

  • Integration with BI and CRM

What's under the hood?
  • SoftBCom CC and SoftBCom Service Desk (installed in a private cloud or on-premise) are used as systems for omni-channel customer communication and as a helpdesk system respectively; both have the necessary integration mechanisms and compatible interfaces

  • An integrated universal agent GUI; it can be used in a variety of customer service projects that require multi-level processing

What will that look like?
  • When accepting the request, the agent works with the softphone functionality of SoftBCom CC. This includes accepting calls and messages via digital channels as well as scripts. The ticket is created and further processed according to the rules of the helpdesk, but can be accessed in the same agent interface.

  • In the integrated processing system for customer inquiries, all new communications via any channel that are related to a specific inquiry are automatically included in the context of this inquiry, which can significantly increase processing efficiency.

  • Agents working in first-level support can transfer the current call together with the context (including the ticket content) to second-level support (or an expert).

  • Outgoing messages to the customer are created automatically via the digital channels or semi-automatically by the agent.

Project impact
  • Our customers have not reduced their service during the pandemic, but have actually increased it significantly.

  • Agents can be deployed efficiently for several projects without lengthy retraining and their productivity can be increased.

  • A system is implemented that enables monitoring of service quality.

  • The company can now expand the range of services it offers and increase the number of projects without losing service quality.


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