SoftBCom Video Channel

Live video channel for visual customer experience


Don’t use up system’s capacity

Video requires a lot of the channel’s capacity. In many cases video is not needed at all, often people do not want to be seen without a reason.


Escalate from phone call when necessary

With our solution, you only escalate to video when necessary. You can use video and the phone call at the same time. No need to stop conversation and call again.


Integrate or use as is

Our video channel can be used as a stand-alone solution, but deep integration with SoftBCom’s Call Center is already available. It can also be integrated with any other call center software: Genesys®, Avaya®, Aspect®, etc., as well as SoftBCom’s Help Desk or any other ticketing system, like MS Dynamics®or Salesforce®

  • Add video during phone call
  • Escalate phone call to video call
  • Co-browsing
  • Transferring video call to mobile
  • Back camera sharing
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Online shopping


Phone call escalation

Video channel can be used for showing product photos, or guiding a client through the ordering process. Online shopping Phone call escalation

Сall from site

If a client calls from site, and the sales rep decides to switch to a video chat session, he or she generates a unique 4-digit code and tells it to the client. The client enters the code on the site and launches a video session.

Call on the smartphone

If a client is calling with a smartphone, the sales can send him or her an SMS with a link, the client clicks the link and video session with the sales starts. All that, without breaking the phone conversation.

Live Help

We also provide a “Live Help” button, which can be easily embedded into your website with no specific technical knowledge required.

Just one click and a website visitor is connected with your sales rep who can:
  • show product photos;
  • send documents and guides;
  • use co-browsing to navigate the client through the ordering process.

Video Showroom

Useful for car dealers who might want to show a specific feature of a specific model in stock. Also for showing any other expensive product. Video Showroom Live Demo button

Escalation on the fly

In certain cases, the sales can transfer the video call to his or her mobile and use the back camera of his phone to show the product live.

“Live Demo” button

Video call can also be initiated with the special “Live Demo” button that we provide and that can be easily embedded into a website.

Visual support


Live visual support for customers

Assembling a furniture piece or maintaining an electronic gadget, etc. Live visual support for customers
To show the issue details, the client connects with a customer service rep and shares his or her mobile camera.

The expert can see the problem and guide the customer towards a resolution by putting visual marks on the received image.

Video support for field service

When facing technically complex issue, a field engineer makes a video call to a remote expert and shows the equipment using mobile camera.

The expert highlights the equipment details to show the engineer the cause of the problem and helps to resolve it.

Software tech support

Software tech support “Live support” button

“Live support” button

You may give your customers a one-touch live support option. We provide the “Live support” button that can be easily embedded into your site. Now, to show the issue details, the client pushes it and connects with a customer service rep with the option of showing own screen during call.

The expert can see the problem and guide the customer towards a resolution by putting visual marks on the received image.

Phone call escalation

This can also be done without the button, through phone call escalation. The support staff simply tells the customer the unique 4-digits code to be entered on the website, and the co-browsing starts immediately.

If the customer calls from a smartphone, a link will be sent during the conversation, that will start co-browsing. No downloads required. It is that simple.

Video kiosk


Information kiosk

Can be deployed in stores, railway stations, etc. Info kiosks in public areas help visitors to get a better idea of their location and direct them to various points of interest. HD video delivers an in-person experience while content sharing and allows an expert to visually assist the client with the public area plan, drawing a route on a map etc. Information kiosk You can embed video channel into your existing self-service kiosks. When a kiosk user needs assistance, he or she will only needs to push a “Live Help” button to video call a remote expert.

Live expert station with signature option

Can be deployed in car rentals, stores, etc. An expert station in a store connects shoppers with remote experts who help configure a complex product and print the specification. Such kiosk can be equipped with printer and scanner controlled remotely by an expert. Digital signage solution with live video agent is one of the options.

Identity verification

Can be deployed in car sharing, banks, etс. A quick and convenient method of verifying your customer’s identity online via secure video session. Supports integration with third-party biometry software. Identity verification in car sharing, banks
1. A client makes a one-touch secure video call to a company using a PC or a smartphone. No downloads required. 2. The company rep or a call center agent asks him/her to show the ID. 3. The third-party biometric identification system compares the photo on the ID with the client video.
4. The embedded text chat allows parties to send documents (contracts, terms of service etc) addresses, phones, IDs etc. 5. The whole session is protected using strong cryptographic protocols and is recorded on the company server.

Remote damage assessment

Can be deployed in insurances, car repairs A quick method to settle damage issues and claim insurance. Remote damage assessment
1. Client calls insurance 2. Insurance agent asks him or her to escalate to video and show the problem (possible when the client is calling over a smartphone) 3. The agent send the client a link in SMS
4. Without stopping the conversation, the client is able to switch on the rear camera 5. Client shows the problem live from different angles 6. Insurance agent makes assessment and sends the client filled-in papers for review on the fly


Integration is possible with most popular contact center systems.
cisco logo white svgIf you operate a Cisco-powered contact center, the Video Channel software may be integrated with your UCCX/UCCE, Cisco UCM and Finesse desktop.
softbcom logo white svgThe Video Channel app seamlessly integrates with SoftBCom Contact Center software providing customers with true omnichannel experience.
Any SIP contact center SoftBCom Video Channel supports integration with any SIP contact center. Lets discuss the integration with your CC infrastructure.
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