SoftBCom WFM Cloud

for forecasting, planning and personnel management
Our WFM systems enable easy and convenient scheduling for large teams with different skills, e.g. in contact centers and retail. More about WFM systems.
Pre-configured professional WFM solution for call centers
01 Quick start
  • 10 preconfigured sample users with ready-made schedules easy to adopt, rename and use
  • Seamless transition, easy onboarding, intuitive operation, no loss of time
  • 1 Hour of training and you are ready to create schedules yourself
02 Stop the manual work!
  • Stop working in different spreadsheets and save yourself several days of work every week!
  • Help with the conversion of your existing schedule
03 All necessary functions immediately available:
  • Automated competence-based shift planning
  • Skill-based workload planning
  • Personal area of the agent
  • Mobile App
  • Standard reports
  • Highly configurable
04 No investment required

  • Free for 6 months!
  • No prepayments
The goal of SoftBCom WFM Cloud is a fast system implementation without costs for IT infrastructure, support and separate employees. SoftBCom WFM Cloud is subscribed to, set up quickly and is ready for use within a few days. A PC with Internet access is all that is required for full-fledged operation.
15-20 Minutesfor the start and for
the Demo training
0 Euroimplementation costs
experience with WFM cloud solutions
less than
1 Hour
waiting for support

Advantages of SoftBCom WFM Cloud:

Quick startA WFM solution in the cloud is faster than a similar on-premise solution, where a successful installation and configuration can take several months. In the case of a cloud solution, the infrastructure is already set up. With your login details, you are ready to go.
Access from anywhere
and at any time
All you need to get started is a web browser. Set up the functions and access for each user and work from anywhere.
Simple and intuitive operationCreating a new account, downloading data and configuring the system can be done in the cloud within a few days. Minimal training at startup.
No IT infrastructure that needs to be installed and maintainedThe WFM solution in the cloud does not require any prior investments or investment costs. You pay a monthly fee, which already includes maintenance, support and automatic updates.
Performance and ScalabilityThe size and tasks of a company can change over time. With WFM's cloud solution, you can scale the system functions for your current tasks.
Extensive integration possibilitiesThe cloud solution can be integrated into a variety of CRM, ERP, e-queue and other systems.

When is the cloud version useful for you?

contact-centerDo you operate contact centers and customer service centers with 30 or more employees?
personalDoes your staff work in retail, back office, warehouse?
remoteDo you need support for remote employees?
excelAre you currently writing your roster and forecasts in Excel, and creating your report manually?
euro-2Do you want to test new features without any upfront investment?
cloudDo you want to try the same enterprise solution as a SaaS model?

Features of SoftBCom WFM Cloud

01. Collection of statistics and utilization forecasts taking into account data from various systems
02. Scheduling on the basis of forecasts, calculation of the optimal personnel requirements, taking into account the skills, qualifications, preferences, as well as the required level of service
03. Management of the roster via a personal area or a mobile app
04. Control of discipline and utilization of agents
05. Punctuality reports and time sheets for accounting
06. Exchange of shifts via the personal area with flexible setting options for the exchange rules by the supervisor
07. A mobile app for managing rosters and recording employee preferences
08. Notification of certain events and any changes to the roster

Choose your subscription

WFM Start

The optimal choice for beginners Free for 6 months
without limitation of the number of users
Capacity utilization forecasts
with a limited number of communication channels/skills
Automatic planning
with a limited number of communication channels/skills
Standard working rules Personal Agent Area Mobile App Standard reports Knowledge Base Chat support during working hours (8x5) Get a trial version

Choose your subscription

WFM Light

199 Eur per month
10 Users included
Following users: 7 Eur per month
Capacity utilization forecasts Automatic planning Standard working rules Personal Agent Area Mobile App Standard reports Knowledge Base Chat support during working hours (8x5) Make an appointment

WFM Advanced

399 Euros per month
25 Users included
Following users: 15 Eur per month
Installation package: 4 000 Eur
All functions
by WFM Light
+ Standard integration of historical statistics + Standard integration of online statuses + Consideration of preferences in roster design + Online monitoring of agents + Access to advanced system settings + Priority chat support during working hours (12x7) Make an appointment
Set a free appointment for additional information