Business Case

BPO with Omni-channel Service at Profil24

About the company

Profil24 is a 24/7 contact center for car rental companies and airlines, working on numerous projects. Mainly it is responsible for inbound calls. But in some projects also for outbound calls. The contact center's services include car rental under its own brand ("Profil Car Rental"), which is characterized by on-site service even at weekends and comprehensive customer support. Profil24 also cooperates with logistics companies, insurance companies and other companies.


The contact center management intended to expand the service offering and improve the quality of customer service. However, the use of multiple outdated systems created additional integration costs, while heterogeneous interfaces and complex workflows made it difficult to train agents and increased the time required to handle customer inquiries.

The requirements goods

01 In addition to eliminating these problems, a unified agent workstation had to be created to serve the various campaigns. The campaigns themselves needed to be unified and implemented. Agents needed to be able to work on multiple campaigns and switch between them with minimal training.
02 In order to maintain a high quality of service, it was necessary to develop a system of reporting, control and monitoring for the team leaders. Setting up and changing new campaigns should be quick and easy and, in particular, should be able to be done by the team leaders themselves.
03 An additional challenge for the development of Profil24 services was that the cooperation with the previous telephone provider could not be continued. It was decided to change it. In doing so, SoftBCom had to set up the SIP trunk and implement telephony on the new software, seamlessly, without interrupting the 24/7 service.


SoftBCom Contact Center meets all the basic technical requirements of business management.
A universal agent GUI has been developed. This can be used in a wide range of customer service projects. A web version of the softphone was made available to some agents (especially those working in the home office) (no installation on the agent's computer was required). The simplicity of this GUI for new agents reduced technical support costs and increased Home Office usage. This resulted in more stable performance for the company, especially during the pandemic, and reduced costs. Customer service campaigns (IVR algorithms, forms and reports) were described, standardized and implemented. To ensure high availability and uninterrupted operation, a server cluster was set up in the private cloud. Faxes are received and forwarded to the agent interface (to the softphone) in the form of e-mails. Vodafon is used as the telephone provider. An easybell SIP trunk is also connected and can be used as a backup if required

Project results

All goals were achieved. Efficiency was improved, the transition to the new system was seamless and without interruption to 24/7 operations. 01 It has enabled agents to be efficiently deployed to multiple projects without lengthy retraining and increased their productivity.
02 The options for home office have been expanded.
03 A system has been implemented that enables monitoring of service quality.
04 The company can now expand the range of services offered and increase the number of projects without losing service quality.

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