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Why Contact Center Is Not a “Cost Center”?

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Contact center is a very general concept.

We have implemented a huge number of contact centers, all of them are technologically different, but they all somehow participate in the business cycle "pre-sale, sale, post-sale":

  1. Receiving and approving orders from customers (inbound)
  2. Active sales by sales experts (managed outbound)
  3. Marketing and lead collection/development. (Mass-outbound, inbound in interaction and integration with CRM, BI).
  4. Post-sale support, cross-sale, upsale (in integration with Service Desk).

To enhance the effectiveness of all the above-mentioned points, all possible channels should be involved, not only voice (in some call centers, voice communication is now less than 30%). Chats (from website, mobile application, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.), email, video channel (for example, for customer identification), social media channels (Facebook, Google My Business, etc.).

This business cycle is the major part of core business. An accountant’s approach, i.e. dubbing a contact center “cost center” does not apply here.